Mini Metros Update 1

A few times a year, I intend to update the Mini Metros project to reflect changes around the world. This first update includes major new line openings and extensions between when the project was first finished in September and the end of 2016. If I missed anything, please let me know so I can update this list accordingly.

In addition to these new openings, I updated a few maps based on feedback I received from passionate transit fans around the world and added suburban rail systems to a few cities, as their frequency made them arguably considered rapid transit, and their maps felt unrepresentative of their cities without them. The cities include Sydney, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Nuremberg.

All of Society6 prints and mugs have been updated with these new maps. Also, the Mini Metros project page has been updated with individual image files for each map. If you click on a map, you can find a link to the Wikipedia entry on that system to learn more about it!

Finally, thank you to everyone for your support and feedback on this project, I have been absolutely blown away at the response.

New Lines and Extensions:

Ankara Metro

Line M4 (purple)

Baku Metro

Line 3 (purple)

Beijing Metro

Line 16 First Phase (green, top right)

Guangzhou Metro & FMetro

Line 7 (pink)
Line 13 (brown)
FMetro Extended (lime, east end)

Hefei Metro (New!)

Line 1


Moscow Metro

Line 8 Extended (lime, north end)
Line 10 Extended (yellow, southwest end)
Central Circle First Phase (light blue, northwest)

MTR (Hong Kong)

Kwun Tong Line Extended (Green, West end)

New York City Subway

Second Avenue Subway First Phase (yellow, north end, left)

Seoul Metropolitan Subway

Gyeonggang Line (light blue, bottom right)

Shenzhen Metro

Line 7 (dark blue)
Line 9 (grey)

Tehran Metro

Line 3 Extended (light blue, northwest spur)

Vancouver Skytrain

Evergreen Extension (yellow, northwest end)

Wuhan Metro

Line 2 Extension (pink, north end)
Line 6 (dark green)

Xi'an Metro

Line 3 (pink)